Here’s one to lift your spirits, till next year.

I wanted to mention I had an opportunity last night, at a men’s group, to speak a little bit about my experience on the pilgrimage, being today is the feast day [on the new calendar - ed.] of the North American martyrs.

Afterwards, one of the men asked me to email him the information for next year’s pilgrimage. So, I’m glad I had an opportunity to do my part.

I was told at the beginning of the pilgrimage that it would change my life and sure enough it did.

In Christ,

Indeed, that’s what the pilgrimage is about: restoration of the soul to grace, by grace. That is the greatest of all transformations. It is the whole purpose, for example, even of the Transubstantiation at the Altar: to restore to the soul of fallen man, by nothing less than God’s real presence Himself, the likeness to God lost by sin.


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